When your Skin is Dry/Normal

Your challenge is to prevent premature aging. Dry skin accents wrinkles and makes you look old before your eyes with granular eyelids...then crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, and finally throat and neck wrinkles.


Facial Step 1-Cleansing-VITAMIZED CLEANSING CREAM cleanses, softens, adds lubricants, and feeds Vitamin A, an essential skin vitamin. Apply it sparingly (it's highly concentrated) to all parts of the face, including eyes. It dissolves makeup as no soap and water can.

Facial Step 2-Lubricating Eyes-SPECIAL EYE CREAM is your next bit of Luxury. As you apply it to your lids, you feel the rich oils penetrating the lids and lashes and the tender area beneath the eye. Especially important if you wear eyeshadow.

Facial Step 3-Masking-HERBAL MASK comes next during your Hazel Keller facial. This NON-DRYING mask removes dead skin cells, deep cleans the face, stimulates circulation, and brings new skin to the surface.

Facial Step-Rinse and Tone-FACIAL COCKTAIL adds humectants to your thirsty skin, removes cream residue after cleansing, then tones and prepares your skin for moisturizing.

Facial Step 5-Moisturizing-MOISTURIZER daily under makeup-or even on days when makeup isn't worn-helps skin retain vital moisture, feeds vitaminhungry skin, and gives makeup a natural appearance and smooth finish.


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